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The company born in 1956 from Sergio Lombardi's craftsmanship, who has created ,thanks to his ability as stonecutter and a mindful business vision, a reality of excellence in this trade with a special focus in processing "pietra serena" and creating every furnishing and finishing in stone material (stairs, sills, capitals and columns, etc…).

During the years his sons, Emanuele and Stefano, have carried forward with success and new vision the company, acquiring the craftsmanship and the artistic techniques. 

The development of new technologies and the introduction of new materials allowed the Company to be up to date on every kind of processing not sacrificing the "scalpellino" handiwork of the  to give every furnishing a distinctive, unique and finely crafted trait.

The Sergio Lombardi designs and realizes, for individuals and professionals, furnishing and finishing in stone material, especially fireplaces, stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, floors, tables, inlays, stonework, capitals, columns and coat of arms. 

The Company supports also companies and professionals in the construction sector, from the design to the making and laying of stone materials.

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